Shadows on the Mountain

Shadows on the Mountain
A young soldier, presumed dead for 25 years, returns to the US from Vietnam with the help of the underground church to face a wife he thought he’d lost, a daughter he didn’t know he had, and what he remembers as a fractured family who must accept a half-Vietnamese daughter he would not leave behind.

Diana Willis Taylor

Oliver Thornwell leaves for Vietnam thinking his young wife of five days has taken a check from his wealthy father and agreed to an annulment. When his helicopter goes down, he is presumed dead by his family. His wife throws the check away. Nine months later she gives birth to a daughter and raises her in secrecy, fearing her father-in-law. When Oliver returns home after 25 years, with the help of the underground church, he faces not only a reconciled family, and a daughter he doesn’t know he has, but brings a half-Vietnamese daughter he cannot leave behind.

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