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Just how far can forgiveness go? How long can it be measured? Do we forgive people because we are obligated to do so, or do we forgive because it is the duty of mankind? We love to draw lines and put rationality on deep topics such as this, but where do we draw the line?

What if the people that we have to forgive are the very people that consistently disappointed us; that we took as out trusted friends, allies and family betray us to the point where we can never reach the point to forgive them? The story that lies before you is a gritty morality tale wherein the characters are faced with the choices to forgive those that have wronged them, betrayed them, isolated them, forsaken them; even physically abused them. This story, set in the very pulse of Queens, New York is not based on real or actual events or characters. To all my readers and listeners, I give you fair warning. There is constant use of negative verbal language, profanity, racial slurs and insensitivities that some of you may find uncomfortable if you choose to continue to read this story. Please do not think this is my disposition or my mentality. I understand that this book may be offensive for some people to read. But the best way to tell the story is to tell it in its entirety, without concealment, borders or fences. As the story begins, reflect on yourself and find the peace that lies within you.

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