Total Recall Publications, Inc. was founded in 1998. TRP has transformed from a publishing company that specialized in educational textbooks into general publishing in 2009 with works spanning from self-help to poetry; history to tourism; with several bestsellers.  TRP titles are distributed worldwide through bookstores, book wholesalers, and online resellers. TRP is currently looking for new manuscripts of all genres. 

M.L. Hollinger’s “The Adventures of Regen the Bremen” is classic science fiction with a dash of wild west flair. The story focuses on the episodic adventures of the titular Regen, a Bremen man, who is more infamous than famous. His is a lot of drug-running, smuggling, and other less-than-reputable jobs and past-times that he manages to distance himself from solely by virtue of not being, in his own words, “a violent kinda guy”. He essentially is a wanderer, and these are a collection of his tales; loosely joined together by an overarching plot. To put it simply, Regen is a space cowboy and does what it takes to get by as a well-intentioned, but ultimately human, outlaw. He is aware of the inherent flaws of his own life, but bears no grievances against them. The story takes the reader through a slew of slightly-humorous encounters with a gritty but realistic look at the frontiers of space.

Blockbuster new title: Split Decision by Marc A. Beausejour

Prepare to enter the ring as cultures clash in this adrenaline-filled drama! Under the tutelage of experienced trainer Jim Shaw, young boxer Sylvio Dominique has taken the middleweight class division by storm, winning bout after bout.

Nicknamed “Wolf” for his boxing style and aggression in the ring, Sylvio works hard in the ring and plays even harder out of the ring and there is no shortage of women. Reuniting with childhood friend Valentina Cruz, the two become involved in an intense romance. But as Sylvio falls deep in love with Valentina, he realizes that she is more than what she seems. With a fight against the undefeated Dominican champion Felipe Maximo looming, secrets are revealed, and friends turn to foes as Sylvio later discovers that he may not be fighting only for the middleweight crown, but he may also be fighting for his life.


The following are some of our featured book titles.


WOMEN WARRIORS: Walking the thin blue line
The latest book from JOHN WILLS. Women Warriors tells the stories of the brave women in law enforcment in their own words. From the dispatcher at the desk to the beat cop to the ATF agent each story is captivating and emotionally moving. Click here to read more.  John has also has started his own blog! Follow John through his humorous and inspiring Blog.

JOSH CARGAN AND THE CARGAN: Regen is a Bremen. By nature he loves only his pet skeen, sensual women, money, and adventure in that order.
JoshCargan-sJOSH SMITH is your average teenage boy. His hormones are raging and he can’t wait to have sex with a girl. He also wants to be a rock star, and has an amateur band of his own. One evening after band practice he learns his rich, eccentric great grandfather, CHARLES EVANS BASTIN, is dead.

When the will is read, Josh inherits one of Charley’s ugly sculptures while his father inherits the rest of the fortune. Back home, Josh accidentally discovers his sculpture is a CARGAN, a device used for interplanetary travel as a ghostly presence called an ENTITY. He travels to the planet destination of his cargan and finds it’s a very exotic place indeed.

THREE BRAND NEW FICTION TITLES ARE HERE:Set in the not too distant future and straight out of today’s headlines


Author George Mavro really knows how to tell a story with his stories of human conflict. First is a story of strength, courage, and the indomitable human spirit. The invasion an brutal Nazi occupation of Greece like the rest of her conquests horrific and total. George writes this book “to keep the memory of all those that gave their lives to free the world” of Nazi tyranny and keep us free.

OPERATION MEDINA SERIES: It is a great read that will have you one the edge of your seat as to what will happen next.  It just goes to show you that no one in the military should be lulled into a false sense of security and can never afford to be lackadaisical when it comes to protecting our country and our allies.  Yet, his writing shows the human side of our military men and how they can become venerable like everyone else.


Congratulations to Bob Doerr, winner of the Eric Hoffer Award. His book was nominated for the da Vinci Eye. No One Else to Kill is still on track for a category prize, including the Hoffer Grand Prize. The da Vinci Eye is an additional distinction, awarded to books with outstanding cover art. (See past winners on-line.) Approximately six books receive this award each year. The list of da Vinci Eye finalists is below. Regardless of the judges determination, your book at the very least will carry the distinction of da Vinci Eye Finalist. The da Vinci Eye short list will be announced prior to the winners’ announcement. You will be notified via this e-mail of all events concerning the award.


PigeonSpring-sPIGEON SPRING is an exciting modern day western mystery with a mystical twist, where the reader follows retired FBI Agent and now casino security director Matt Steel, from the glamour and scams at a Las Vegas casino to the beauty and grit of Nevada’s rugged gold country and his dealings with the plentiful scoundrels found where-ever money is to be made.






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