A Complex Journey – Brain Maze Book 1

Three scientists (Katya, Logan and Terry - aka the trio) have developed a brain simulation platform based on principles of Complex Adaptive Systems, called "BrainMaze". The trio have made great advances in medicine by developing the platform that can use a person's own brain to create an avatar lives within the BrainMaze platform. Simulations done in BrainMaze test potential treatments first in the avatar before going to the patient. The success in the medicine leads to an even greater success for BrainMaze as a tool for people to interact through a Brain-Computer Interface.

This occurs at a time when the world is on the brink of a crisis. Political upheaval from a decline in the influence of the USA and UK results in the establishment of a more distributed governing structure, similar to the European Union, called the Global Council. The Council installs a worldwide AI system that enables sharing of resources globally to remedy food shortages and economic imbalance.

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