A Complex Journey – The Next Day Book 2

Through analytics performed with BrainMaze, the trio discover that "Aliens" have been affecting the council's activities. The Aliens are multiscale cybernetic agents organized similarly to brain cells, but are able to work on a global scale. The trio join the Special Operations team to understand the Alien's intentions and find a way to avert their influences.

During a trip Malaysia, the team encounters one Alien. After a brief fight with Logan, the team captures one of the Aliens. The team is able to extract a few rules that govern how the Aliens system operates. This information is used to drive simulations that predict the most likely scenarios given the current behaviors of the Aliens. The trio Katya, conducts several simulations of the Alien-AI interactions with BrainMaze and discover that the Alien's activities are biasing a major shift in the Earth's climate, which could lead to an event that will cause a major catastrophe on the Pacific coasts.

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