I Don’t Live There Anymore

"  One day I decided to sit down and read every one of my many journals, everything that I had ever written, from the beginning to the end. They covered my entire life, daily events, my thoughts, and most of my dreams up to the present. I have always felt the need to write, now I know why, it was all part of my healing."

"They were filled with child abuse of the worst kind. Every page, every story, every pain, laid out there on paper aged with time. That was me before evolving from some embryonic state. Sadness filled my heart and I wept a long time for the little girl in my story that was never allowed to cry. I could feel the strength and the courage that it took from all those in my past, regardless of what life had handed them. Now, thanks to time, I can understand, and see the picture as a whole, with all the pieces of the puzzle in place. This is my story....."

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