Shall We Dance?

Books on Jewish conversion line the shelves of many libraries and bookstores. Why another? A major reason is the approach to the topic, an approach which is multi-dimensional and non-judgmental. This is indeed reflected in examples given in the work where opposing opinions and viewpoints are offered by each author. Added to this is the emphasis on the concept and the progression of the conversion process rather than details and minutiae of a specific movement's requirements. Lastly, there are topics more often than not unseen in other books of this nature, e.g., beards, tattoos, x-mas trees. All in all, this is an important go-to book for a fresh and clear approach to an oftentimes complex subject. A reader said: "I have been a practicing Jew all my life. I was still able to learn a great deal from the 50 questions posed by the authors. If that were not enough, the art work was magnificent and truly enhanced each section. This book is totally appropriate for anyone who truly wants a deeper understanding of the Jewish faith." Through unique storytelling and insightful answers to 50 timeless questions, this book makes learning complex Jewish values and Judaism easy and fun for readers of all ages. A delightful guide, full of inspiration and information for those who wish to learn and become authentically Jewish by choice in the modern world.

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