Battle Scared Journey

The Battle Scared Journey
I wrote The Battle Scared Journey for several reasons, to help me face, understand and eventually conquer my life and my fears and to explain to others who have also suffered that you are neither alone or bereft of a chance to come to terms with your issues and to add a self help part in order to explain little of the hurdles and obstacles one might face on your own journey of discovery and ultimately, happiness.

Kim Wheeler

"I am a published author, and was a guest writer for Inspirited Minds and Mind; I rescue large breed dogs and currently own two, Spirit and Bluebell. I also train dogs but more importantly train the owners about dogs as dogs intrinsically know how to be one of those. I have rescued six and trained many more. I wrote a book called Rescue Dog Rescues Man which I have donated to several dog homes. I write poetry and play guitar though my neighbors tell me that I need more practice. I am also a photographer of nature, animals and beauty. I have written six children’s adventure books all about a kid called Jonny Plumb and his two faithful Rottweilers Legend and Legion. I have also written Battle Scarred Journey which is about just a few of the trials I have endured during my brief stay on planet earth, written to help myself but more importantly to help others realize that whatever the pain and sufferings, there is always hope and a way to get through any battle... I am free from the confines of self/ego and enjoy nothing more than the rescuing of not only my dogs but in helping/training humans to enjoy theirs. Writing books and photography is my speciality My happy place is sitting next to a stream with my dogs and nature..." --Kim Wheeler

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