Ian The Sloth Goes to Space

Ian is a determined Sloth!

Ian is a handsome young two toed sloth. He has big ambitions' about going to space. Will he get there? Read Ian's adventure and see if he makes it.

Each of the First Class Press children's stories has their own individual adventure and life lesson. They are packed with trials, mayhem, suspense, mystery, action, and adventure. With everyday situations that kids must face in the real world. Now throw in a little magic and fantasy. Now you have charming tales that will enthrall young audiences.

The perfect Storytime book series for both boys and girls ages 3-7 Grades: K-2.

Parents, teachers, librarians, and kids will appreciate the familiar situations and appropriate language for Ages 3-12 Grades: K-6.

These illustrated story books are sure to please the read-aloud crowd.

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