The Land of Honey

The Land of Honey
Although life seems to offer all Zimako could ask for at home, it is fraught with underlying political insecurities. Dissatisfied with the status quo, he desires something more, and is determined to find a new life for his family in Canada.  It will break the hearts of those Zimako leaves behind, but he convinces his wife, Anuli, that is the only way forward. When they arrive in Canada, the best laid plans begin to unravel.  Faced with challenges from every direction, they come to a fork in the road.  The once loving relationship is tested beyond its limit.

Zimako has to accept the changes the new culture imposes on him. His formerly secure traditional role is in jeopardy, and he must devise a new set of coping mechanisms. Anuli is unwittingly thrown unto a path with difficult choices she is unprepared for, and must find her voice - muted by the old ways. An unlikely alliance with Ryan blindsides her, and Kathy, her older friend, is unable to help as she is caught up in a dilemma of her own.

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