When Dreams Come True ~ Sort Of

This is the second novel in the new Barlow Adams series.

The year is 1970. Barlow Adams is a young deputy sheriff in a rural county in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas. He’s a rookie still learning the ropes. Up until now, his experience has been limited to working in the jail and performing routine patrol work that is anything but routine when bad men decide to exert themselves in furtherance of their wicked ways.


In recent months, a gang of rustlers had begun to prey on the livestock of unwitting ranchers. The sheriff has decided to stop them cold wherever he finds them. He employs all the limited resources at his disposal to achieve this goal. One of those resources is Deputy Adams, who learns new law enforcement skills in teamwork, criminal investigation, surveillance, and undercover operations. Barlow also learns something else. The crime may be solved and plans may be hatched to catch the evildoers, but, in the end, there’s usually a joker in the woodpile who upsets the applecart and then suddenly Life becomes a free for all.

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