The Empire: Dangerous Voyage

Despite the great naval victories, the Byzantine forces have won with the help of the Americans from the future the Ottomans things still are very grim. Constantinople is surrounded and under siege by 70000 and huge siege canon that can knock down her walls and open a breach for the Ottomans to pour through. The young Sultan having received vital information from his American beautiful prisoner whom he has developed feelings for is poised for one last desperate gamble to capture the great city of Constantinople. It will be a do or die attempt. His failure to take the city could result in his own over throw and death.
Can General George Mavrakis with all the technology they have developed for his Byzantine allies stop the massive attack that they know is coming? If they do manage to survive what will the future be and their desire to travel to the Americas and build and empire? What does the future have in store for the soldiers lost in the sand of time?

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