Covid Attack

Covid Attack tells the story of how an extremely dangerous virus escapes from a secret lab beneath the chemistry building at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology. The escape triggers the virus which immediately begins to infect people in and near Wuhan. Withing weeks the virus becomes a pandemic that is sweeping the whole world.

Assistant Special Agent in charge of the Chicago FBI office, Chris Weber, arrests a Chinese spy assigned to the operations of China’s secret lab. His partner is also arrested. When the FBI agents discover a hidden room in his house, they enter the room, triggering a bomb which blows up the house, the houses on either side, and the rookie FBI Agent on guard outside

Chris Weber is drawn into a task force called “Mongoose” run by a shadowy figure called “The General”, the leader of the task force which includes several CIA spies in China, several FBI agents in the U. S. and The General, whoever he really is.

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