Inside Scoop to Walt Disney World® Epcot®

Inside Scoop to Walt Disney World® Epcot®
Grab this Magical book...Gather the kids (of all ages)
Get out the scissors, glue and tape...
Gear up the Internet...AND
Get ready to Engage Your Whole Family in Designing Your Best Ever World Vacation with This Uniquely Interactive "Scrapbook of Anticipations" & "Keepsake Photo and Autograph Album"

Bruce Moran

Why You Need This Book... To start the "Magic" early before you leave and to keep the Magic going after you return. The interactive concept of this book is for you and your kids to gather around a table with a computer nearby to access appropriate Web sites...assemble scissors, tape and glue...and have the time of your life planning and memorializing your adventure. Our concept is for the kids to become involved in the excitement of going to Walt World® long before they get to Orlando. With this family activity book, they will see now what to expect when they arrive at the park and already know how they want to spend their time. My team of "Geeks" and I are here to help you decide how to spend your limited time. We've already narrowed the challenge for you by concentrating on only Epcot®, the most popular of the resort parks, with its Future World, World Showcase, Kidcot Fun Stop, Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, and most of all it gourmet dining. We will show you how to use this book-with its maps, descriptions, notations of appropriate age ranges, and insider tips-and various Web sites, too, as interactive tools to educate you and the kids about every aspect of every ride, attraction, and restaurant. We want everyone to make wise "I wanna" choices and enjoy collaborating to: 1. Create a "Scrapbook of Anticipations" now that becomes a take-along picture guide to what each person anticipates doing each day at Epcot®: Read to, or allow the kids to read, the description of each ride or attraction. Find related pictures in the book or visit Web sites listed in the Appendix. Decide which rides and entertainment they want to enjoy and when. Cut out/tape the pictures chosen of attractions and restaurants into the allotted space. If you keep this book in a reachable location for the kids, you will find them looking through the pictures and changing their mind as to which attraction will be first on their list. 2. Make a "Keepsake Photo Album" later that captures all of the autographs you collected from Characters and photos of your favorite memories and moments after you get home: Replace the taped pictures with personal photos of family members' childhood glee (or horror) as they experienced various rides, entertainment, tours, or meals. Add captions to the photos or make short journal entries that describe actions or feelings. Share the Magical Memory.with family and friends. Title: InsideScoop to Walt Disney World® Epcot® Author: Bruce Moran Publishing House: TotalRecall Publications Publication Date: 3/27/2010 ISBN: 9781590958513

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