Fields of Spring

Fields of Spring
FIELDS OF SPRING (Major League Baseball Spring Training)
Fields Of Spring is baseball fans’ ultimate book about Major League Baseball’s spring training and contains over 170 color (Yes, FULL COLOR!) photographs. From early to mid-February through the end of March, all 30 Major League teams prepare for their regular game season in stadiums and complexes located in either Florida or Arizona. The author has personally visited all 30 teams’ spring training complexes. Fields Of Spring provides insight, tips and information on how to get the most out of your visits.

Charles Piper

For baseball fans, spring training should not just be about enjoying the beautiful weather and watching exhibition ballgames in less expensive seats as compared to the regular season. The author provides details on how to get the most out of your visits to spring training after the players report to camp and even before and after the exhibition game season starts! The author has firsthand experience because he repeatedly visited teams’ complexes over and over again. The author has caught countless baseballs at spring training. In fact, on one day he caught 24 baseballs at a spring training complex! His autograph collection includes some of the greatest baseball players of all time – including numerous Hall of Famers! And most of his collection was obtained for free! Fields Of Spring not only provides tips and information about how YOU can get the most out of your visits, it SHOWS you examples with full color photographs! The author previously served over 30 years in law enforcement and as an investigator and he provides readers with the: Who, What, When, Where and Why about spring training baseball. This is NOT a book about where to get the best hot dog, whether the seats have cup holders, or how far centerfield is from home plate. It’s a book that shows and tells baseball fans how they can enjoy the full experience and benefits of visiting Major League Baseball teams’ spring training stadiums and complexes, watching games, catching baseballs and getting autographs from players, coaches and former players. Tips are provided on where and how to increase your chances of getting autographs and catching baseballs inside and outside the stadiums. Information is also provided about getting autographs by mail, baseball fantasy camps, and getting tickets and schedules, planning trips and even suggestions on what to pack. This book even includes maps and information about Minor League games played at spring training complexes so you can visit them after spring training ends. This book can serve as a guide all year long! The author provides his personal tips, ideas and photographs on how to inexpensively preserve and display the memorabilia you can acquire or get signed during your spring training visits. Websites and links are provided for all 30 Major League Baseball teams. Additional websites and links are provided to help accommodate travel and to enjoy baseball even more.

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