Johnny Plumb and the Battle to Save Earth

The Adventures of Johnny Plumb

Jonny Plumbs jaw dropping adventures continue in rip roaring fashion with his latest book, Jonny Plumb and the Battle for earth. Where again Jonny and all his friends set out to try and save the earth from the evil clutches of the devils only daughter Deadsheda and her Hench woman the even uglier and revolting Dances with Death who has a strange aversion to custard, I wonder why??

Read as the Outriders from Hell try to break the force field made by the Shard of Pure Light in order to destroy Jonny and his family and friends and steal the Golden Globe. Watch Nanny Noo take on Deadsheda in unarmed combat, yes one aging nanny fighting the most evil hideously ugly cackling devil child, will she win?? Will Nanny Noo be the hero? Will all Jonnys friends and family join together as one with Blueshadow and the Water Horses from the Planet of pure water, Firestorm and Starshell, along with Dentro reclu and the beings of Pure Light help Nanny Noo and Jonny, Legion and Legend save the Earth.

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