Insiders Choice to CompTIA Security

Insiders Choice to CompTIA Security + Exam SY0-201 and Exam BR0-001 – 2009 Edition
Pass the Security+ Exam SY0-201 your first time!  This unbeatable package includes a comprehensive study manual, packed with exclusive features, and a FREE DOWNLOAD of the poplar TotalRecall test engine with 250+ questions linked to an integrated eBook.

David Failor

A CompTIA certified professional offers you a very readable combination of 250+ practice questions, "geekie" details, serious research, and exclusive features, including: Comprehensive information about all core exam topics with pre/post assessments. Figures, diagrams, and photos in abundance. Chapter summaries to reinforce key concepts and procedures. Helpful tips and time management techniques for test taking. Lists of useful websites, articles and other learning aids. FREE Download of a Self-Help and Interactive Study Aid with eBook. This popular test engine generates randomized practice exams drawn from a data base of 250+ questions, with answers conveniently linked to relevant chapters in an eBook version of this manual. This book's high level of accuracy and exam-relevancy is due to the tremendous feedback we received from hundreds of successful Security+ test-takers who used our study aid to pass the SY0-201 exam. For ease of reference the organization of InsidersChoice to Security+ directly follows the domains listed in the official CompTIA Security+ exam objectives. The book includes hundreds of pages of clear explanations, graphics and definitions vital to success on the Security+ exam, and bonuses for those hoping to have a future in computer security, such as: 1) Clearly-marked success tips with information that will help you pass Security+! 2) Hundreds of end-of-chapter practice questions, in print, with access to test sims to prepare you for The Real Thing! 3) Hundreds of footnotes to more advanced books and articles, and "geek notes" for optional reading, in case you want more coverage of a topic than the exam requires! 4) Real World Questions relating to your own network's security, which you can work through to ensure that you are NOT just another "paper Security+" professional. 5) Detailed Chapter Summaries reinforcing key-concepts. David Failor (A+, Network+, Security+) David K. Failor develops computer programs in several programming languages including Java, C++, Visual Basic, Access, and others. David teaches computer science and business classes for several different universities and colleges, and his classes are frequently sought after by students who state that they gain a new understanding of the subject material through his presentations. David owns a computer consulting business and has been involved with computers and programming for many years He is also the webmaster of a technical site and co-administrator of a community services website. Title: InsidersChoice to CompTIA Security + Exam SY0-201 and Exam BR0-001 -- 2009 Edition Author: David Failor Publishing House: TotalRecall Publications Publication Date: 1/27/2009 ISBN: 9781590952146

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