Way of the Wizards – New Blood

Fifteen wizards living in a barren place need to find apprentices to pass on their knowledge of magic and wizardry to before they die.  The first problem they face is remembering how to speak, as they only use telepathic communication.

James E. Honey

This provides a fun way of introducing each of them. They send out seven wizards into the world who each bring back an apprentice. One wizard notices that four of the candidates are females; this causes a discussion on the reasons why wizards have always been men and requires them to change their rules. This created a way for the author to look at the male and female difference. Each apprentice has a form of communication problem giving the author an opportunity to explore the ways kids adapt to protect themselves from life experiences and different forms of abuse. Each apprentice has to go before the higher council who then has to decide if each one has the right spirit, stamina and strength to become wizards. There are lots of problems to be solved as each group adapts to the other and as each individual personality unfolds.

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