When Will They Ever Learn? Where Have All the Go-Go’s Gone? Book II

A ridiculed intellectual dreamer opens a 1960’s retro disco and surrounds himself with an array of characters that have a distorted view of reality and who put fun into dysfunctional in this screwball murder mystery farce.

Bo Pepperwall, a card carrying member of Mensa before he was a teenager, was perceived as strange thereby resulting in his being ridiculed by many, shunned by most and being called, Bo the Schmoe by all. Then he faced a dilemma. Should he weasel a part of his recently widowed sister’s inheritance for a business venture or should he turn in the killer of her husband, his despicable brother-in-law? He had to make a choice between money (which he never had) and morals (which he also lacked). He picked both. Bo opens La Tinkerbelle’s a Go-Go, a 1960’s retro discotheque in an abandoned factory building in a Chicago slum using a theme from the legend of Peter Pan. Surrounding himself with a collection of bizarre employees who put fun into dysfunctional, his dream nearly goes bust. Then a Chicago gossip columnist prints a story that has customers lined up and Bo adds money and public adulation to his dilemma. Then tragedy strikes when a fire destroys the disco. Bo, along with family members, his unique employees, two black cats named Heckle and Jeckle and the newspaper columnist end up in front of a cantankerous judge. All are charged with violations of the Mann Act, contributing to the delinquency of minors, multiple business license and safety violations, ignoring Federal EPA laws, cruelty to animals and pornography. Bo’s dilemma leads to his turning in the killer and finding love in the surprise ending to this whacky murder mystery.

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