Dragon’s Sword: A John Quinton Cord Novel

Quint Cord returns to the CIA when his fiancée is almost killed by an egomaniacal hacker who is determined to use his GPS satellite implanted virus to gain control of governments and transportation networks around the globe. Aided by a North Korean dissident who vows to bring down the Kim Jong Un regime, the hacker uses the North Korean’s information to crash ships and missiles in Korea and Japan. The hacker next turns to his own country of China to create friction with the United States. When the North Korean becomes frightened for his life and defects, the hacker flees China for fear he will be exposed. Lila Carson, Quint’s fiancée, is again on the trail of the hacker as he goes dark to elude discovery. From North Carolina to Japan and China, and then to Seattle, Quint struggles to capture the man before he can commit more murder and chaos.

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