Dream Wanderers The Escape

Dream Wanderers guide you through your worst night-mares. Far across the universe, an elite school runs a special program, training the Dream Wanderers of tomorrow.

But what happens when…

Gren and Lawson will soon achieve the impossible, becoming the first male/female partners to make it through the program. Or with they? Their feelings for each other and Lawson’s disdain for an unbreakable rule, risk their expulsion. They wander into a nightmare of their own… When Lawson and Gren disappear, most assume they’ve run away together. But their four best friends aren’t so sure. Following a shaky clue, they enlist the help of a crazy old man and set out to find the truth. Soon, the dream Wanderers will take on an entire army, as the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

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