The Race

Race is an entertaining and intriguing love story about a middle-aged woman’s life changing encounter with a charming but secretive Irishman. The refreshing and suspenseful plot will have you reading until the early morning.

On the eve of her 50th birthday, Maddie St-Laurent is facing the indisputable fact that her life is more than half over. Neglected by her husband and marginalized by a society obsessed with youth and perfection, the once confident and outgoing woman has all but disappeared under the weight of family responsibilities and personal neglect. Half over doesn’t mean half dead, as her best friend Sofia tells her. With a little push, Maddie embarks on an ambitious journey to reinvent herself. In less than a year she transforms from invisible to extraordinary and begins the second half of her life that will test her appetite for risk, improbable encounters, and dubious relationships. This highly entertaining novel skillfully follows Maddie’s wildly unpredictable journey from the Quebec Laurentians, to the jagged Irish coast, to the gritty city of Belfast. Suspenseful, romantic and filled with complex characters, this is an engaging read from beginning to end.

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