Truth, Lies and Fried Chicken

In the second book of the series, Annie Brown RN, still working at Trenton James General Hospital in Houston, faces the problem of sexual harassment. Though Annie’s experience occurred before the #metoo times we live in now, it echoes the same challenges; who can she tell, who will believe, and can her job be saved?

Even Chris, her friend and partner in Day Surgery, a follower of the rules, is reluctant to speak out. The hospital administration, Risk Management attorneys, and a powerful physician seem to tip the scales of justice against Annie. Interspersed in the midst of crisis are the patients that cross Annie’s path, unknowingly teaching and giving perspective to her life. Then Annie finds a friend in the unlikeliest of places. Truth is, though sometimes a tiny voice, a potent antidote to power and lies. But is it enough?

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