Learn Library of Congress Classification

Learn Library of Congress Classification
International Edition
Plentiful, clear explanations and practice exercises illustrate every aspect of Library of Congress Classification and help students master creating LCC numbers.  This 2007 revision of the first edition, published in 2000, includes updated text; examples and exercises that correspond with the latest print schedules and tables; a new chapter on Classification Web; a glossary that defines technical terms in simple language; and an index.

Learn Library of Congress Classification is one of nine newly revised study guides in the Library Education Series (formerly published by Scarecrow Press), now published in new 2007 editions by TotalRecall Publications, Inc. "Both professionals and paraprofessionals can brush up their classification skills. The authors offer a lesson-by-lesson approach with exercises to practice and test your skills. They cover the structure of the LC classification system, how to build a call number, classification tables, the electronic version of the schedules and shelving." --American Libraries review of the first edition "Recommended for professionals and paraprofessionals seeking professional development, students wanting to supplement their courses with practical applications, and library schools offering distance learning courses in cataloging." --Library Journal review of first edition Helena Dittmann was a librarian at the University of Canberra Library, where she was head of the Cataloging Department for a number of years. She trained library staff in all aspects of cataloging and in the use of LCC. She also tutored in the Library Studies program at the Canberra Institute of Technology, Canberra, Australia. Jane Hardy is a librarian, library director, teacher and trainer. She has used LCC for many years at the University of Canberra Library and has trained staff in its use. She has also been very involved in bibliographic and information technology training at the University. Jane is currently events manager of the Australian Library and Information Association. CONTENTS Preface 1. Introduction to Classification 2. Introduction to Library of Congress Classification 3. Structure of Library of Congress Classification 4. Building a Call Number 5. Tables 6. Shelving 7. Classification Web 8. More Practice Answers Glossary Bibliography Index Title: Learn Library of Congress Classification Second North American Edition Author: Helena Dittmann & Jane Hardy Publishing House: TotalRecall Publications Publication Date: 5/15/2007 ISBN: 9781590958063

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