Angels for All

Angels for All
Ollie, born of Irish and Cherokee ancestry, is a middle child struggling to compete with an older sister and brother. Accepting premonitions as guidance given by guardian angels, she displays wit and insight, yet sometimes incurs trouble when a stubborn nature overrules.

Nancy Powell

In Angels For All Ollie believes in premonitions sent by guardian angels, but has no warning of hardships to come with drought and The Great Depression. Roy and Ollie start married life striving for a better future and a place of their own. Each chapter is an episode that illustrates different difficulties imposed by farm life. Almost every year, Roy goes away to other states working to earn money to pay the mortgage on a home they buy. Ollie stays on the farm to harvest crops and care for the children. She struggles against wild animals, foraging pigs, sickness, storms, hunger, and neighbors that prowl night and day stealing everything they can including diapers, garden vegetables, harness, and cottonseed. Ollie offers thanks for blessings she receives, giving credit to guardian angels for helping, but berates herself when she discounts premonitions of im danger.

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