James MacIntyre

Bo Meets Captain Lucy Blue and the Bully

Bo Meets Captain Lucy Blue and the Bully” continues the story of Bo and his quest to teach the other pirates’ kindness, politeness and a consideration of others. At school, his teachers persist in trying to change him; to make him tough and ruthless, but he holds firm in his beliefs.

He then meets a new character, Captain Lucy Blue, a strong, decisive Captain with a brave crew of girls. She encounters the “terror of the oceans”, Captain Billy Bully! This Captain is mean, spoiled and a true “Bully”. He tells all that the ocean belongs to him. Captain Lucy Blue stands up to him and with the help of Bo, changes his bullying ways!

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Bo The Far-too Polite Pirate

Bo The Far too Polite Pirate

is a story about a young boy who was born into a family of pirates. He enjoys tall tale pirate adventure stories and songs they share but when he goes out on an actual pirate attack. He soon discovers “The Pirate Life” is not for him. He fails miserably at being a pirate, so his dad insists he attend Pirate Training School. After several misadventures and failures at the school, he decides if he is to be a pirate, he will be a nice pirate. He shares the treasures he finds, rescues other pirates in peril and generally does kind things. This eventually wins his crew over but further angers his father and his teachers.

I believe this will speak to anyone who have been bullied or forced to conform or to parents that need to let their little ones grow and learn and be themselves. This story also allows for so many further adventures as Bo teaches others about being kind and considerate.

Each of the Mouse Gate children’s stories has their own individual adventure and life lesson. They are packed with trials, mayhem, suspense, mystery, action, and adventure. With everyday situations that kids must face in the real world. Now throw in a little magic and fantasy. Now you have charming tales that will enthrall young audiences.

The perfect Storytime book series for both boys and girls ages 3-7 / Grades: K-2.

Parents, teachers, librarians, and kids will appreciate the familiar situations and appropriate language for Ages 3-7 / Grades: K-2.

These illustrated story books are sure to please the read-aloud crowd.

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