MC’s – Life Stories Of Early Idaho Pioneers

The MC's - Life Stories Of Early Idaho Pioneers
When we set out to record family histories, we often anticipate hearing the highlights of a person's lifetime-the births, marriages, accomplishments, and all the wise, funny and quirky experiences that makes it unique to them and their time in history. But the human condition is one that includes suffering, tragedy, injustice and misfortune.

Judy Wright

To deny that important part of the story is not only living a fairy tale, but it is denying the reader the opportunity to learn from experience. A family is a community of caring, sharing and support. By passing along the knowledge borne of surviving adversity and triumphing, we accumulate a collective wisdom. As family members and others read these stories they begin to recognize a shared set of values, strengths and traditions that make this tribe and clan unique. Frequently it is the stories of life's traumas that have the greatest impact-both positive and negative, not only on the story teller, but on the reader. When we are able to share and transform those stories into lessons learned, tragedies overcome and adversity conquered, then as a group, we are able to reaffirm our place in the scheme of things. The experiences of one generation may strengthen the courage of convictions in future generations. Preserving family heritage through written memories is one of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts a person can bestow upon those who come after us. I am so grateful to have had the privilege of working closely with Auntie Ruth Turman Smith and others who were willing to share their photos and remembrances of a time in history that changed the world. Title: The Mc's - Life Stories Of Early Idaho Pioneers Publishing House: TotalRecall Publications Publication Date: 2/2/2009 ISBN: 9781590957806

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