A New Beginning

Mark Morgan is a famous writer. He has everything his heart could desire: money, a nice house, a nice vacation home, cars, and a beautiful loving wife who’d recently become pregnant. It was all anyone could ever dream of or hope for, and he was the happiest person that one could ever be.

All things were going good for him; his books were selling faster than they could be shelved, he won a couple of awards, and he and his wife were going to have the little girl that he had always wanted. For the both of them it was true bliss. One day after tragedy strikes for the second time, Mark loses himself and almost everything else. His wife and unborn child are killed, his uncle, who was his best friend for so long is gone. He doesn’t care about his career or himself anymore, hopelessness sets in, he soon becomes mentally ill, and he just can’t find the will or strength to move on. Kara, his wife was the only person in his life besides his mother and uncle that he had ever truly loved, and now that they’re both gone, will he ever be the same, and will he be able to live his life and truly love anything or anyone else ever again?

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