Ekam Sat 1

Ekam Sat 1
The Gita literature in Sanskrit is the spontaneous outpouring of the sages and seers that have realized the Self. It is the expression of their direct experience of the Divine-the Self, the Brahman, the Atman in whatever way IT is apprehended in their supreme consciousness.

K.R. Paramahamsa

It is, therefore, no surprise that every Gita sets realization of the Self as its ideal. All of them point to one Truth, the only Truth-Ekam Sat. The Gita literature has been in the nature of solid support to the monistic Vedanta philosophy. The thrust of the Gita literature is an unfolding of the ultimate Truth which is the final objective of all philosophy, but which for ever eludes its grasp. The book Ekam Sat 1 contains a detailed exposition of Monism followed by Astavakra-Gita and Avadhuta-Gita. The translation of each sloka (verse) of the two Gitas in Sanskrit is rendered against the corresponding serial number of the verse in each chapter of the Gita concerned. Explanatory paragraphs are added to each translated verse, wherever considered necessary, to elaborate the essence of the content of the verse from the point of view of Monism. Title: Ekam Sat 1 Author: K.R. Paramahamsa Publishing House: TotalRecall Publications Publication Date: 1/27/2007 ISBN: 9780974698889

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