Way of the Wizards – New Beginnings

WAY OF THE WIZARDS - New Beginnings
Fifteen eccentric wizards who live in a barren place need to find apprentices to pass on their knowledge of magic and wizardry before they die. Eight wizards go into the world to find anybody who has the right spirit to become an apprentice.

James E. Honey

The wizards of Pearland have managed to find some young apprentices, but the apprentices cannot communicate and spend most of their time fighting with each other. It gets so bad that the wizards must find a child minder to control them when they are not being trained. But then the child minder needs a shop so that she can buy her female things, as everything else is spelled the wizards need to have an idea of what the things are and as nobody, especially the wizards, wants to have any mental ideas about them they need a shop. Nobody is willing to open a shop, since there are no other paying customers in Pearland. The wizards think that if they obtain a Dragon’s egg then they would attract paying customers and a shop but then things start to get complicated and silly. This book is the sequel to Way of the Wizards: New Blood, in which the last and only surviving wizards in the world decide that they must find some apprentices or else their magic and way of life including all of their combined knowledge, would die when they did. There are many problems including when the wizards realize that some of the apprentice candidates they have found are girls, and girls have never been taught wizard magic before. Both titles are available as physical books and ebooks from Total Recall Press, and Book Three of the Way of the Wizards series is also being worked on.

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