My Enemy’s Face

My Enemy's Face
Billy Ray Sawyer is the All American kid.  The high school football hero from the "right" side of the tracks is son of the powerful and wealthy Mayor who has raised Billy Ray to accept his racist and narrow-minded ways in 1960s Alabama.  Noah Franklin is the polar opposite of Billy Ray.

Terry Moran

A black son of poor parents, Noah doesn't have racist bone in his body until the Government forces integration. Billy Ray and Noah clash on the first day of school, and through what can only be explained as an Act of God, are forced to live their lives through the other's eyes. Both their spirits and faith are tested through triumphs and failures in a community not ready for change or unity. Hate turns into friendship, as the two boys try to deal with their new circumstances. In an ultimate act of sacrifice, one will be forced to lay down his life to save the other. In an act of love, the other races against time to save him. Title: My Enemy's Face Author: Terry Moran Publishing House: TotalRecall Publications Publication Date: 9/27/2011 ISBN: 9781590956618

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