Building Self-Confidence with Encouraging Words

Building Self-Confidence with Encouraging Words
Words can be deadly weapons or protective layers of love. They can bruise and batter a person, no matter how old, in the heart and spirit just like physical blows can cause damage to the outside of the body. Because these bruises to the spirit are not readily apparent, many think that the damage is easily repaired.

Judy H. Wright

However, while verbal abuse may be long forgotten or dismissed by the offender, the words and memory are lodged in the cells and memory of the child or person who was emotionally assaulted. The fear of rejection stops many very talented and skilled people from achieving their full potential in life. They become paralyzed by frustration, guilt and discouragement, hoping and praying that someone will have the key to open the potential that is being held captive in their mind. Building Self Confidence With Encouraging Words will unlock your potential and open the door of success, happiness and more nurturing relationships! You will learn: How to ask for what you want How your core belief system came to be Why self-confidence is a learned skill How to use positive self-talk Why positive action follows positive thought How to correct others in a supportive way Why communication is more than just words How to set boundaries and build respectful relationships How to appreciate and acknowledge success Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the next few minutes discovering ideas and tips that will bring an abundance of meaningful experiences and relationships into your life. Many of the suggestions and exercises are written for parents to use in building stronger relationships with their child. They have been tested in years of parent education. Parents and caring adults will make sacrifices of time, treasure, and talent to insure happiness and well being for children, but will not do the same for themselves! They will persevere in a course of action if they can see that the end result will be a stronger, more confident child. Sometimes they forget that the most effective teaching method is to model behavior. Do it for them and their future. Title: Building Self-Confidence with Encouraging Words Author: Judy H. Wright Publishing House: TotalRecall Publications Publication Date: 2/25/2007 ISBN: 9781590957998

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