CLAW Selections 2014

Clear Lake Area Writer (CLAW) is a completely free writer's critique group open to all. Their mission is to provide a free, open, and encouraging venue for writers of all levels, as well as to anybody who has an interesting in becoming a writer.

Selections is an example of the quality they produce,

The very first CLAW meeting was advertised for March 14, 2009, but only two writers showed up. This went on until the real start date which was October 9, 2009. At this point, individuals with a sincere interest in writing began to show up at meetings with meaningful material to share. By September 2013, enough material had been produced that CLAW was finally ready to publish its’ initial collective volume, “CLAW – Selections, Spring 2014”. This collective work was self-published by the group and was well-received for an initial offering. Buoyed by positive feedback, CLAW is now in the process of refining and republishing that initial product with the title “CLAW Selections – Fall 2014.” And the adventure continues… Historical narrative by Jacob Silvia

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