Jonny Plumb and the Wonderful Secret

"Jonny Plumb and the Wonderful Secret" by Kim Wheeler.
The Adventures of Jonny Plumb Series Book Six
This adventure for Jonny Plumb finds himself in all kinds of trouble when he is firstly accused of giving a footballer a bad case of Floppy Leg. Who then had to be carried into his home on a stretcher.

When his wife saw him she fainted and squashed the cat, the cat ran away and hit a paraffin lamp. The paraffin lamp fell over onto the curtains, and the curtains caught fire and then set the house alight. The fire brigade was called and put out the fire but everything they owned was ruined, plus, the cat won't come home, because the house got burnt down by paraffin lamp, that it knocked over after it was squashed by its owner who fainted after seeing her husband being carried into her home, on a stretcher and all because Jonny gave the guy, who was just playing football, a floppy leg. Jonny then gets banned for a few matches but his new replacement is more than good enough, except, she is a girl and apparently, girls are not allowed to play football. Then, Jonny takes his entire family, Legend, Legion and friends back to Iceland to meet Queen Amaranta, with unexpected results but then has to return with Legend and Legion his two faithful dogs to confront the Icelandic Yule lads once more. Then, if that's not exciting enough Jonny then has to travel to the furthermost reaches of the Multiverse in the fastest spaceship ever built called Rapture which can travel at one thousand times the speed of light, to a colossal unknown land called Dark Shadow to retrieve the Elixir of Life which is hidden in a huge machine called The Hypericosahedron, which is under a thousand mile deep lake made entirely of Mercury in typical nail biting edge of your seat fashion. So join Jonny, Legend, Legion and family in this brilliant jaw dropping adventure of a lifetime...

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