Josh Martin: Space Commander

A MouseGate Adventure

A bored teen-aged boy escorting his little brother at Disney World finds love and adventure on Space Mountain

Josh Martin is forced to take care of his little brother on a family trip to Walt Disney World while his parents attend a sales convention there. The trip interrupts Josh’s plans to date a girl he’s been drooling over the whole school year. He also feels he’s outgrown the theme park’s attractions. While waiting in line at Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear gives Josh a pin and promises he’ll enjoy the ride much more this time. Josh experiences a strange adventure while on the ride. It seems to take days, but when the ride ends he awakens to find he’s slept through the ride. It had to be a dream, but it seemed so real. On the way to another ride he meets a girl with the same pin. Josh asks her about the pin, and tells her of his adventure. She reluctantly tells him she’s just been to the Pirates of the Caribbean and experienced a Caribbean adventure. They wonder if they will meet on their next adventure. She’s going on the Jungle Cruise, and he’s headed for Pirates of the Caribbean. They do meet at Splash Mountain their next ride and rendezvous afterward to compare notes. They discover they are both from Atlanta, Georgia and agree to get together when they get home. Back home they arrange a meeting and find they have developed some strange after-effects from their dream adventures.

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