Nearer My Father

Why did he have to leave at the age of twelve? He was orphaned, along with his sister (10) and younger brother (4), when they lost their father through suicide and their mother during a blizzard. The father, Will Engel, was a farmer; the mother was Erica. The sister was placed with her mother’s sister, the young boy with another relative, and Sven was sent to an Orphanage, called Amazing Grace, north of Winnipeg.


Sven was always mystified why he had been sent away. He had had a close relationship with his father who affectionately called him “Tuginoboo.” The father took Tugin everywhere with him. He also wondered why his father had slipped into depression the last two years of his life and had found refuge in drinking. Story is about the interplay between ideas, people and the adverse effect this can have on family members, communities and nations

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