Return to Spirit: A Prayer Warriors Journey

Mathias was born on a cold wintry day in a large midwestern city with a back drop of a large river. Birth was hard on mother and child, due to Mathias having a hernia and other issues. Docie Mathias’s mother loved him nurtured him through the illnesses. Mathias as a toddler played alone most of the time while his siblings gathered together making up games to keep them occupied. Docie surely had her hands full raising seven children alone. Docie struggled to keep them fed and clothed on what little she was able to provide through inadequate work. As Mathias grew his mother and sister Bethany had to keep watch on him for he would want to wander out the door to go by go as he put it. A wandering child from the beginning started his life of journeys later to be a prayer warrior. Join Mathias on his hard and heart wrenching journey to becoming a prayer warrior.

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