The Future The Past

Steve Johnson, a forty year old Special Operations Sergeant Major, is badly wounded while on Operations. He leans back against the stone wall, knowing that this time out will probably be his last. Just as he begins to feel himself slipping away, he is astonished to see a brilliant light opening and hands reaching out from it, dragging him into the light itself. Only snippets of memory remain: pain, of course, and the sound of people talking. He vaguely hears, "he's going to make it" before he falls into a deep sleep, full of odd learning sessions and confusing dreams. Two years later, Steve is brought out of his sleep, completely healed and his body regenerated into that of his twenty year old self. Most shocking, however, is that he finds himself in an alternate universe, on a planet called Midgard.

Johnson discovers that Midgard needs him to return to Earth to help a young woman whose invention will benefit both planets. There are obstacles that he must overcome in order for him to succeed. Midgard Rebels are determined to take this machine and will send their people to try and stop him. Earth's time is also moving much faster than Midgard. Twenty years have now gone by on Earth since his disappearance. The family he has known has mourned his passing and have now moved on with their lives. He can go back, but his life can never be the same.

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