Connie Gaultney Vandiver is the daughter of Dr. Jerry Gaultney and Dr. Virginia Gaultney, the writer of this story. Connie and her husband Roy were missionaries in the Ivory Coast and later in France. I have been encouraged by our family members and friends of Connie to write Connie's story

Jerry and I were under the sponsorship of the Baptist International Mission Board, Richmond, Virginia, while we were in Nigeria. Roy and Connie were sponsored by the same organization while they were in the Ivory Coast and France. Connie was an artist, from her childhood to her last painting. The art in this book is hers. Our family wants to thank the Foreign Mission Board for helping Connie during her illness. Whatever medical care she needed was provided to her without question. Those taking care of Connie would often tell me, with some apparent amazement, that whatever care they recommended was always immediately approved. We are grateful for the care Connie received.

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