The Lifestyle Trilogy:

Book 3

Beth is newlywed and ready to begin the rest of her life. Her hasty marriage to Don, a wealthy businessman, both shocks and worries Beth’s friends with good reason.


Selling her home in Ohio and preparing to move her children to a mansion on Biscayne Bay with Don, turns her world upside down. Following several poor decisions, she is forced to head to the Big Apple to begin a new job. Her many friends, some with good intentions while others negatively influencing her, stimulate Beth’s love of swinging. They encouraging her to often visit an exclusive night club catering to all, including celebrities, who need their fantasies and fetishes fulfilled. Follow Beth’s journey from “I do” down a slippery slope of drugs, kink, promiscuity, and the ultimate betrayal. Can Beth survive the ramifications of The Lifestyle she has chosen?

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