Become Change

“Become Change is 12 life affirming short stories shown in its four themes of “BE,” “LIVE,” “HAVE” and “REST IN PEACE.”

“Become Change” is a compilation of various short story fictional genres such as:

  • Action and Adventure as shown in “Tease the Fire;”
  • Ghost fictional as presented in “Kora” and “Elvis - Living Where?;”
  • Romance as experienced through “Can It be Love” and “Clouds are Hanging Over;”
  •  Suspense fictional  “A Dad’s Son” and “Honour Thy Dead,”
  • Literary for the two prose poems and one short short story “Honour Thy Dead”

“Become Change” has Joshua in A Dad’s Son as a star football player unable to look past his own image or Matt in Tease the Fire asserting his wilderness Life adventure.

“Become Change” in its literary quality has two prose poems. The first prose poem is called No Mathematical Precision where the variables are Love for Life and our Partners in Life. The second prose poem is called To All My Children for Nature’s promise to us - her children, to continually rearrange Herself as long as she can. The only short short story is Honour Thy Dead with family unity tested at a funeral parlour.

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