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The Enchanted Coin

by Bob Doerr

The Book
Gregory’s discovery of a magic coin in a pond on his parent’s farm takes him on a mystical journey to a strange world, where he encounters prehistoric animals and risks his life to help a young princess save her tribe’s lands.

The Enchanted Coin is a fantasy adventure targeted at Middle Grade readers.  Imagine being a fourteen year old again and finding a coin that seems to give off a light of its own.  The coin has your name on it, and instructs you to toss it into a fountain next to the Tree of Life.  That's what happens in The Enchanted Coin, and what starts my protagonist off on a magical adventure that many young boys and girls would love to have.

This book is "G" rated.

Gregory Worling:
Teen age boy and main character who finds the magical coin

Cindy Worling:
Greg’s sister, the only person Greg has confided in about the coin

Second princess of the Cherakoo, and the person Greg realizes he was sent to this strange world to help and protect

Old Prophet:
An old prophet and friend of Fawn; he helps Greg and Fawn in their mission and helps Greg understand why he may have been sent to this world