The Treasure

Taking a well-deserved vacation, Clint Smith returns to Las Vegas to unbury a strong box he had previously located only to find that some treasures come with consequences.

Honeymoons Can Kill

Jim West hopes to escape on a cruise for a few days of romance and relaxation, but murder, mayhem, and an old girlfriend follow him on board.

For Strangers Passing Through

The stories illustrate the complex and different paths that Rebbes and their Chassidim chose to live, survive, and solve their problems. They were selected because they are sweet, meaningful, or to the point.

Oneness of Heart

Oneness of Heart is the most profound accomplishment of a life worth living. Enduring personal success only exists through the permanent success we develop in others. The approach is ingenious in simplicity but demands a deliberate abandonment of fear and ego. Financial profit is essential to any business but represents only a fraction of even more boundless possibilities. Self-defined limitations are challenged, complacency is confronted, and nothing less than best effort is tolerated. Customers accept nothing less than the best excellence they can experience, should you?

Land of Honey

Anuli is unwittingly thrown unto a path with difficult choices she is unprepared for and must find her voice – muted by the old ways.  An unlikely alliance with Ryan blindsides her, and Kathy, her older friend, is unable to help as she is caught up in a dilemma of her own.

The Assassins

A disputed election has divided the nation, and a handful of senior government officials have conspired to have the North Koreans assassinate the President of the United States.

Ghost of White Island

In 1715, a ship’s carpenter tried to rape the 14 year old daughter of the captain of a British warship and was flogged almost to death. He mutinied and captured the ship, killing the captain and forcing his daughter into marriage. After falling in with Blackbeard, he abandoned his young wife on a cold, bitter rock called White Island, off the coast of New Hampshire. When he was caught and hanged by the British Navy, his treasure vanished into history. Many people believe that Martha, his reluctant wife, hid the treasure in the Isle of Shoals chain. This is the story of a search for those gold and jewels and treasure, protected by the Ghost of White Island.


The Lifestyle Trilogy:

Book 3

Beth is newlywed and ready to begin the rest of her life. Her hasty marriage to Don, a wealthy businessman, both shocks and worries Beth’s friends with good reason.


Man in the Chimney

The Man in the Chimney is a Civil War story of an unlikely and troubled romance between a New York Calvary officer in Union occupied New Bern, and the Lenoir County woman who saves his life.

Tiger’s Code: A John Quinton Cord Novel

Quint Cord is an unlikely spy. With sufficient family money so that he never needs to work, he could have spent his life idling on a beach chasing women. But from the moment he discovers famous codes of the past in a university class, he is hooked. His unique talent for creating and breaking codes brings him to the attention of the CIA.

A powerful and ambitious politician, who’s in cahoots with a Saudi prince, plans to seize the US presidency and throw the western world into turmoil. Quint flees the country only to stay one step ahead of a foe determined to kill him before he can break the code.

Clue by clue, Quint begins to zero in on his target but can he stop him in time?