The Intrepid Miss LaRoque

You would think Cecilia LaRoque has it all: a loving father, wealth, beauty, social position and a devoted suitor. She doesn’t.  Crushed by a cold and critical mother who soon absconds to live with a dissolute lover, ‘Cissy’ struggles to prove herself worthy of love and respect.  She could not have foreseen in her teenage years that the genteel and privileged life she had led would come to a crashing halt with the outbreak of Civil War, a bitter struggle that would tear her world apart.  Despite the hardships and inherent danger, she seizes the opportunity to forge an unorthodox role for herself as a spy.

Greed can Kill

A letter from a dead man leads West on a reluctant hunt for a missing briefcase. He soon discovers that both the FBI and a Mexican cartel expect him to the find it for them or die trying.  

“Pursued” The Keepers Book IIII

Anna tutors the six children in the Dugan home and helps cook and clean. When Maddi’s Grandmother buys the house next door, Maddi moves in with her. Grandma Berta, frightened when someone broke her fence and entered the backyard, asks Bart and Anna to move onto the second floor of her new home with their guns. Berta’s cousin comes to visit—she is near when fire burns Maddi’s hair, and a landslide causes dirt and rock to fall on Hank and Maddi. Berta and Anna take Carol and Maddi on a trip to California where someone follows them, a rifle bullet narrowly misses Maddi, a man tries to break into their guesthouse, and Anna finds a tracking device on their rented car. Anna wonders—is Jaeger’s family still seeking revenge, does a member of Maddi’s family want her father’s millions, or does Olga want to eliminate Maddi and Berta so she will inherit great wealth?

Marina and Dan

Two teen-agers, Marina and Dan, find the ordinary start to their school day suddenly becomes anything but that. Transported into the land of ancient Egypt just as Pharoah’s army is pursuing the Jewish people fleeing towards the Red Sea after leaving Egypt, they are able to join a couple the charioteers in the chase.

The Group

A Clint Smith Thriller

Someone is killing off the world’s rich and famous.  The murders are sophisticated, requiring precision and skill, and the killers have a global reach. The international community is in an uproar but surprisingly, can develop no leads in its attempt to develop any information on the assassins.

Yesterday’s Magnolia

“It’s a shame to have so damned much and yet so little.”  An eastern North Carolina farmer’s daughter, Margot, streaks like a comet into the life style of the rich and famous.  Her beauty and exuberant, zestful personality gain her entrance to boardrooms, the White House, a corporate jet stocked with Cristal champagne and caviar, a villa in Italy, and marriage to one of the world’s most powerful men.  Maurice, the spurned suitor, seeks friendship and comfort from Margot’s sister, Jo, a quiet, bookish art history teacher.  Jo envies them both for their ready charm, looks, wealth, glamour, and exciting lives never realizing that it is she who is envied for a life that contains the things that they themselves have not attained.  Like the comets they so resemble both Margot and Maurice are consumed by the friction of life, leaving Jo to remember the magic moments they brought to a more conventional path.

The Cape

People say that Der Fleigen HollanderThe Flying Dutchman, as it is known in English—vanished with all hands in the sixteenth century off the Cape of Good Hope. Yet the ship has been by reliable, truthful people all over the world, suggesting that the ship is trapped in a time warp somewhere in the treacherous ocean south of the Cape. When her father is kidnapped by the ship, Therese goes to find him and rescue him from the self-imposed, Purgatorial imprisonment. In the search she is joined by her mother and a lifetime best friend, who seek to help Therese draw his soul back from the pit of Hell before he is lost for all eternity. Or did she?

Prairie Fire

This is essentially a book of good versus evil. The cause of the fire was accidental and the two high school senior football players would have likely been reprimanded at worst if they had been forthcoming about unintentionally setting the fire, in addition to not running from the scene.

A New Beginning

Mark Morgan is a famous writer. He has everything his heart could desire: money, a nice house, a nice vacation home, cars, and a beautiful loving wife who’d recently become pregnant. It was all anyone could ever dream of or hope for, and he was the happiest person that one could ever be.