Lonny Lemon

Lonny Lemon is a very happy little fellow.  He is an unusual lemon that comes from a Meyer lemon tree.  He has many friends he enjoys being with at the park.  Follow along with Lonny and his friends on an adventure through the park.

The Fishing Story

When was the last time you went fishing? Based on a real life fishing story.

I love tales about fishing, what is your tall tale? Which one got away?

Trucks IV The “Mount Fuji 40”

Hey there everyone! It’s that time again! Another extraordinary event is about to start! Yes, yes, yes! It’s here! Sponsored by “Happy Root Beer,” root beer; Total Recall Press, “Oil Cup,” oil, and brought to you by “Mr. Ketchup,” ketchup, Fast Truck has traveled all the way to the great land of Nihon, and they’re soon kicking off one of the, if not the toughest races in all Motorsports! The Mount Fuji 40! Whew! Can’t you feel the excitement? This season’s event has been the highest anticipated one to date! With Japan native; Kimi Honson; the number 2071 running the fastest qualifying lap and snatching the pole! To, the number 22; Hale Danhard taking the 2nd place position, to Beverly Joe rolling in 3rd, and David Eugene bagging 4th! Let me tell you! Those four really ran an impressive run! Out of all the entries: Kimi; Hale, Beverly and David put down the fastest laps ever made in the history of the event; setting themselves far apart from the rest of the competitors times and pasting their names in the record books as the ones to beat!

Trucks III The “Happy Root Beer” 20

Trucks III™: The “Happy Root Beer” 20

“Hey, hey, hey, Race Fans! This is Jeff Dale from our broadcast studios here on Earth! It’s that time again! Another race in the Fast Truck Series is about to take place! Can you feel the excitement in your bones? On this occasion we’re taking you all the way across the galaxy to a star system in the Orion constellation for the running of The “Happy Root Beer” 20! That’s right! Fast Truck has headed to a moon in orbit around the planet Wood Barrel! Filled entirely with an ocean of tasty, creamy, bubbly root beer, and surrounded by a wide; 15-mile around, flat, metallic ring system, the satellite host one of the wildest events to ever be held in truck racing! Once every season: popular, new teams, and general competitors put on magnetic tires and add pressure relief valves to their exhaust pipes. Crews strap oxygen tanks tight into their beds and they run a line from the tank to the trucks air intake, and they let it rip! For 20 laps around the moon! On the rings the trucks charge for 300 miles! Without pit stops; with only one large tank of gas, and another filled with air to make their engines fire, the trucks strongly roar and race in the cold hot vacuum of space! While having just one set of metal magnetic wheels to hold them firmly down to the track, they give it their all, run it hard, and charge to the front to be the one at the end to win the purse! I assure you it’s going to be an exciting event! So, come on! What are you waiting for? Climb in and see which truck takes home the trophy this year for The “Happy Root Beer” 20! You surely won’t be disappointed! I guarantee you that!”

Fast Truck Series™ 

The Treasure Chest: Old Joe’s Pirate Adventure

Old Joe and his grandson’s become the main characters in this series when they visit Disney’s Pirate Adventure only to be swept away in a whirlwind to a deserted beach where they are deposited by the mouth of a dark cave. The cave holds many secrets but the main secret is a centuries old Pirate Ship once owned by Davey Jones. They take over the ship and this adventure begins.

In The Bayous

The Great Spirit assigns Jack his first adventure as a human being. His task is to save a teenaged boy from going down the wrong path in life.

Not only is Jack human for the first time, he is also a female for the first time. This new shape is puzzling to him, but the Great Spirit helps him adjust.

Will he succeed? How will he turn his boy away from delinquency? Jack must use all his powers in performing the task set before him.

In the process, he learns how to hunt alligators and cook southern fried chicken as well as how to behave like a human instead of a rabbit.

You will laugh and cry as you follow Jack’s actions in this unique adventure.

Escape From Phoenicia

Escape From Phoenicia is the second book about Regen the Bremen and his pet Skeen, Hitler. It tells the story of his life with the Lady Herion on a planet ruled by women and how he escapes with Herion to seek a cure for her exotic disease.

Herion develops a condition called Bryllions Syndrome, which is incurable on Phonicia and fatal in months. Regen is sure this is only due to the less advanced state of medicine on that planet. He plots to find some way to take Herion somewhere she may be cured.

With no access to a spaceship and the ruling council out to destroy him, will he be successful?

The First Journey to America

Four Generations is the story of a family. It is a flawed family but came from good stock. The books will follow this story to modern day but in this book it is the story of Sir Thomas Henshaw, his son William and his marriage to the beautiful Katherine Houghton. It is the story of treachery and breach of trust from those that should have been trusted in a time of James I and Charles I. The family must deal with Civil War, plague and betrayal from its earliest roots. This is the true story of Joshua and Daniel Henshaw.

Shall We Dance?

Books on Jewish conversion line the shelves of many libraries and bookstores. Why another? A major reason is the approach to the topic, an approach which is multi-dimensional and non-judgmental. This is indeed reflected in examples given in the work where opposing opinions and viewpoints are offered by each author. Added to this is the emphasis on the concept and the progression of the conversion process rather than details and minutiae of a specific movement’s requirements. Lastly, there are topics more often than not unseen in other books of this nature, e.g., beards, tattoos, x-mas trees. All in all, this is an important go-to book for a fresh and clear approach to an oftentimes complex subject. A reader said: “I have been a practicing Jew all my life. I was still able to learn a great deal from the 50 questions posed by the authors. If that were not enough, the art work was magnificent and truly enhanced each section. This book is totally appropriate for anyone who truly wants a deeper understanding of the Jewish faith.” Through unique storytelling and insightful answers to 50 timeless questions, this book makes learning complex Jewish values and Judaism easy and fun for readers of all ages. A delightful guide, full of inspiration and information for those who wish to learn and become authentically Jewish by choice in the modern world.

The Leprechaun Who Was Not a Mouse

When a leprechaun is mistaken for a mouse a little boy rushes to his rescue and teaches us about loyalty, love, sharing and caring.

This Childrens Story Book is designed for bedtime reading.