Like a Chainmailed Pomegranate

The majority of Christians would know what I meant if I asked them to discuss the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians. And they would also know what I mean if I asked them to discuss the armor of God from Ephesians. But if I asked you how you protect your character from the enemy in Spiritual Warfare, would you snap to the understanding that the fruit is blessed into us, and the armor is blessed onto us? Would you recognize how each work to empower the other? After reading this work, I pray that we all have a better understanding of precisely that!

To Love Again

Pablo has broken up with his girlfriend which causes him to reflect on his relationship with the girl as he is wandering through the city of Seville either with his friends or by himself.


Connie Gaultney Vandiver is the daughter of Dr. Jerry Gaultney and Dr. Virginia Gaultney, the writer of this story. Connie and her husband Roy were missionaries in the Ivory Coast and later in France. I have been encouraged by our family members and friends of Connie to write Connie’s story

El Evangelio Desconocido

El Evangelio Desconocido es un libro que enseña como el espiritu religioso ha engañado a millones de personas en no tener entendimiento del Eterno proposito de Dios de establecer Su Reino(gobierno) aqui en la tierra. Por lo tanto hoy a Dios se conoce como un Dios religioso y no como el Dios del Gobierno espiritual de los Cielos. Tambien este libro nos enseña como el proposito eterno de Dios se lleva acabo cuando cada ser creado por Dios entiende su proposito y llamado, para establecer el Reino de Dios aqui en la Tierra en todas las esferas de la sociedad. Las funcion de la ïglesia¨no se ha entendido, porque no sabemos que Cristo no vino para empezar una iglesia religiosa sino edificar una EKKLESIA que va a influenciar toda la sociedad.

All for One

Worm, Chief, Shakers and Royal are eighth grade friends known as the Musketeers. Each are given a wish that lead them to ancient Baghdad, a flying carpet, the magic cave of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and being saved from execution by Morgiana, a slave girl, Baba the Tailor, and Sindbad the Sailor.

Radical and Empirical Reality: Selected Writings on the Philosophy of José Ortega y Gasset and Julián Marías

The title is precise. The writings in this volume are selections, not an exhaustive bibliography, of my works on José Ortega y Gasset and Julián Marías. Although the entire corpus of my essays and lectures spans more than five decades, my interest in this philosophy, both its “radical” and “empirical” levels, began at an unforgettable moment in July of 1963 and continues undiminished today. And since Ortega taught that in order to understand anything human, we must tell a story, I shall tell a version of mine

Adventures in Language

In these Adventures in Language linguist Harold Raley explores fascinating features of English and many other languages in different cultures and historical eras.

Points of Light

These Points of Light centered on the beauty, humor, and mystery of human life present many perspectives flowing out of the unifying philosophical premise that life, not physical reality, is the foundational reality in which all others are rooted.

Another True Texan Survivor

In “ANOTHER TRUE TEXAN SURVIVOR” Ron Adair has written from his heart about the many situations, hurts, opportunities, challenges, developments, Worry, FEARS, and “Blessings”. These come our way, and how we react, will determine the outcome. A.N.D.E. is one chapter ( # 38 ) on Another Near Death Experience, with tales of true situations that did happen. Hit by falling tire from the sky…in Houston, TX; held up at gun point…in Henderson, TX

Covid Attack

Covid Attack tells the story of how an extremely dangerous virus escapes from a secret lab beneath the chemistry building at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology. The escape triggers the virus which immediately begins to infect people in and near Wuhan. Withing weeks the virus becomes a pandemic that is sweeping the whole world.