Land of Honey

Anuli is unwittingly thrown unto a path with difficult choices she is unprepared for and must find her voice – muted by the old ways.  An unlikely alliance with Ryan blindsides her, and Kathy, her older friend, is unable to help as she is caught up in a dilemma of her own.

The Enchanted Coin – The Magic of Vex

The Magic of Vex: Book 3 in The Enchanted Coin Series is a 31,000 word fantasy adventure targeted at Middle Grade readers. Imagine being a fourteen year old again and finding a coin that seems to give off a light of its own. The coin has your name on it, and instructs you to toss it into a fountain next to the Tree of Life. That’s what happens in The Magic of Vex, and what starts my protagonist off on a magical adventure that many young boys and girls would love to have. This book is “G” rated.

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